Two DubaiLamas in Cappadochia

We flew to Istanbul on Pegasus airlines and landed at Sabiha Gökçen International Airport at 8 am. Perfect timing to spend an entire day in the Asian side of that beautiful city before boarding our next Pegasus flight at 21:30 to Nevsehir airport, Cappadochia. The duration of the flight is hardly 55 minutes. The airport is a mere 30 minutes on the shuttle to our hotel in Çavuşin. 

While in Istanbul, we took a Havaş bus from Sabiha Gökçen International Airport to Kadikoy (9 liras each ticket). We were dropped off by the pier. A Perfect location.

We roamed Kadikoy all day, ate borek and simit, drank Turkish tea and coffee at open cafes, devoured loads of Turkish delight and kunaifeh, walked by the pier, sat at a fish restaurant and enjoyed our grilled fish with raki and Turkish mezze. We had a list of places to see in the Asian side of Istanbul which I had copied from this blog:

But being me, I couldn’t find most of them!

Back to the ariprot: we couldn’t find the Havaş bus, although the stop by the pier and there’s a bus to an from he airport every 30 minutes. Instead, we took the E11 city bus. Not a smart thing to do because of traffic. We were lucky that our flight was delayed. We might have missed it otherwise.

 Landing in Nevsehir:

We were on a budget so we didn’t rent a car in Cappadochia. Instead, we took the shuttle to our hotel, Cave Village Hotel, but I strongly suggest renting a car from the Nevsehir airport. There’s so much to see in Cappadochia. We were lucky because we befriended three Greek tourists who were staying at the same hotel. We spent our last day in Cappadochia with them driving around and seeing sites which we could have missed.

We reached the hotel and immediately booked our hot air balloon ride for the morning followed by a tour to a number of sites and caves, including the underground city.

My niece and I will never forget that experience. Floating high above Cappadochia is breathtaking. 

We spent an hour up in the air. Trying to land the hot air balloon, as we discovered later, is not an easy thing. There was an entire crew dedicated to each hot air balloon, following it from one strip of land to another, until it landed directly on the flat bed of a moving truck. Once the balloon was secured with robes, we got off and were greeted by popping champagne and achievement certificates to our names!

Back to the hotel. Breakfast was waiting for us. Turkish breakfast is a feast on its own. Abdi, the gentle sweet matron of the hotel with his aşkim prepared and served it to us al fresco. 




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