Mosque for Gay People: What Happened to the Rainbow Flag?

I do have a bone or two to pick with gay people.

Three bones, to be exact.

My friend A tells me about the opening of “Europe’s first gay-friendly mosque,” but I don’t believe him, until google confirms it, under the same title: ‘Europe’s first gay-friendly mosque’ sparks controversy.”

My jaw dropped. My eyes opened wider, and I was momentarily paralyzed with disbelief and shock.

Not because of the controversy. It is the act itself, the attempt to align homosexuality with Islam, the seemingly desperate need on the part of gay people to belong to religion, any religion, even Islam.


Why is religion so important, holding on to its dying mutilating (and mutilated) shreds so necessary, that without it, the one group of people who have presumably broken away from all rules and shackles associated with society are hitherto determined to elbow themselves into the midst of its archaic destructive prejudiced courts?


I feel so disappointed in all the gay men and women I have respected and supported for so long.

Why insist on tightening the yoke around your necks, gathering with your own hands the stones which your executioner will use to stone you alive, sharpening the stake which they will drive up your bodies, to set you up as effigies, a lesson to those who need to learn their lesson.

Islam and homosexuality do not mix.

To be a homosexual is not to be a Muslim.

Just like oil and vinegar (or is it oil and water): they just don’t mix.

What will my dear confused gay friends who belong to that mosque say when they come across the surahs which relish the punishment of Lot’s people, for no reason but because they were just like my dear 21st century confused gay men, well, gay?

Will they just skip them, without acknowledging them, or say that they were false verses? Will they say that the verses are false? Or that the punishment was the result of other sins? No my dear, because the verses clearly indicate that those men were punished because they “desired” other men.

Skipping, denying, or falsifying the verses in the Quran ensures an automatic denial of  Islam itself, because to be a Muslim is to believe in every word mentioned in the Quran, to accept the book in its totality, word by word, story after story, one worldly punishment after another.

The picture is ugly. It does not favor gay people.

The same thing with Christianity and Judaism.

Homosexuals, in the eyes of religion, are the plague of society and are to be dealt with as germs, diseased individuals who have to be shunned, ostracized, tortured, and killed.

Why go out of your ways to try to belong to a religion which will spit you out, regardless?

Is Jesus all that beautiful and merciful that you aspire to get his blessings and be saved by his blood?

Or is Mohammad the ultimate prophet of moderation and love that you are going out of your way to follow him?

Are you kidding me?

Create your own religion. Resurrect your own Jesus and embrace your own Mohammad. This is what you need. You have become a religion in your own right, a care free religion. Write your own rules. Inscribe them on tablets and hang them on rainbow flags. Ordain your own priests. Invent your own God.

The ones already circulating around do not harbor you any good.

And you are good.

 Better yet, turn that mosque to an art studio, a gay bar, or a “For Gay Lovers Only” Bed & Breakfast motel and hang the most vibrant breathtaking Rainbow flag on its door. Let it dance in the breeze and dance with it, beautiful people.

 Dance. Don’t preach.

P.S: I forgot to count. How many bones did I pick?


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