The making of a roundabout is a very complicated thing. It can take years. One has to justify the endless construction, digging, detours, and suspended traffic lights on a throat-choking busy road by making a roundabout. And then when it’s done, you feel like a fool. How come you never thought of it? What else could it be? The signs asking you to please excuse the road work men at work we’re working to enhance your experience. Almost a kilometer long stretch of orange cones and concrete barriers. Was it a sort of revelation, a civil engineer’s epiphany, jotted down in a rush? The word misspelled. Broken into two. But it doesn’t matter. The misspelling might even elude autocorrect and the immediate boss would not notice. He’s an engineer too, and the written word doesn’t mean much in that department. It’s the drawings which count. The symbols and measurements and the perfect 360 degree of a circle yet to adorn the road.

A roundabout.

There are also half-abouts. Roundabouts not completely round, or just half finished.
It all depends on how one sees things.
The glass half full.

The things you learn in Dubai.


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