What if…

“Verily, We have revealed the “scripture” and We will assuredly guard it.” [Quran 15:9]

What if…

This line has been lost in translation, from God to Gabriel to Mohammad, to us.

What if…

Because of the loss in translation, we have failed to understand that the “scripture” revealed is being guarded somewhere else, in heavens, in God’s heart, in a cosmic place, but not on earth.


What if…

We knew all along that this is the case, but suppressed it, because so much relies on suppressing it.


To name a few:

The Saudi government and its monopoly on religion

Patriarchy in its worst and most lethal forms

Women degradation, humiliation, and subjugation to men


The license to kill in the name of Jihad


What if…

It’s all just a joke…


What if Muslims questioned themselves, the verses they memorized as children, and a collective understanding of their intentional ignorance started to dawn on them?


What if they’ve already done that and felt embarrassed to the point that they denied they ever thought, questioned, and wondered about the righteousness and relevance of their belief?


That would be quite detrimental.

What would the Taliban and the Pakistani mullahs do then?

But then, whoever suggested that Taliban and the mullahs were more than puppets, repeating words and verses verbatim and diffusing them with their own backwardness, illiteracy, and tribal greed? A herd mentality huddling around a book lost in translation.


What would the Saudis do?

Their usurped status as guardians, machos, pillars of Islam would crumble to the ground and they would appear in their actual designation as the guardians and usurpers of oil.


What would Muslim women in Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Somalia, India, Indonesia, Egypt, do and say, knowing that they were fooled all along, accepting their secondary role as a lesser part of society for so long, obeying a God whose real message is, “Women are equal and have the same rights as the other part of society I so call man”?


What if God’s message in the guarded authentic version of the Quran was meant to be revealed and was revealed to a woman, herding the sheep somewhere on a lonely mountain in Mecca, only to be gang raped and massacred, her body left to the hawks?


What if religion was gang raped, is being gang raped, and will continue to be gang raped until it is no more?


What if it’s the one gang rape that humanity needs in order to break free from this unexplainable bondage to religious dogma, rules and righteous attitude?


What if…




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